The Bump Cast

GoPhotography is excited to announce a brand new service, which offers pregnant mums a completely unique product that is a personal keepsake to show their children where they started their lives.

The Bumps Cast Session is a fun and unique way to link in your pregnancy and baby’s birth.

This beautiful personal cast can then used as part of the newborn photography session to incorporate a very personal photo prop – mummy’s tummy!

Adding that special connection between Mother and Baby.

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When you book in for a maternity bump session, we now offer you a maternity bump cast as an optional extra.

After your Bump picture session is completed, you are handed over to Jules, our Fully Trained and Qualified bump caster and ex-theatre nurse, for your cast to be made of your gorgeous and blossoming bump.

We recommend, like a standard bump session, to attend the studio at around 36-38 weeks, so that the bump is a well-developed size and shape!

So WHAT does pregnant belly casting involve?

Answer - Jules applies a layer of Vaseline to your pregnant belly and/or any other area that is forming part of the cast.

Jules then adds strips of wet medical grade plaster bandage and  smoothed on to your skin.

Jules Hunter BA at Work

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Dad's Don't Get Left Out!

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For those mums-to-be who would prefer to have their lovely bump lathered in something other than Vaseline, Jules also offers a non-petroleum option of organic, 100% raw, virgin coconut oil.

Dad's can also get in the act!

As the plaster dries and hardens, Jules gently starts to ease the cast away from the skin. This safe, simple, and painless process takes about 20/30 minutes.

It is recommended that you have a shower to remove any excess Vaseline/coconut oil or plaster once you get home but wipes/warm water/towels will be available at the studio for you to use.

Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or particularly sensitive skin.

Watch the process in Action


A baby bump casting costs £85, but we are delighted to offer this


to all our GoPhotography clients who book a

Newborn and a Bump Session at the same time

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