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Bumps and Babies

GoPhotography is an inspired boutique studio, specialising in bumps and babies. Our 700 square foot studio is located at Kelham Hall and Country Park in Newark, with adequate parking , and is perfectly tailored to a new mother’s needs.

We have a full equipped changing station, complete with everything a newborn baby needs, including a relaxed feeding area. Our Nespresso connoisseur coffee maker is there at your disposal, with fourteen different blends to choose from, along with other light refreshments, biscuits and snacks for any additional little ones attending.

There’s also plenty of space to sit, relax, even take a nap!

We take great pride in our experience with newborn babies, and our goal is to make you feel safe and as comfortable as possible during your stay with us.

Take a look at our 1st Birthday and Cake Smash Sessions.

Your new child grows up so fast and before you know it they’re walking around. These milestones in their life are often overlooked, so here at GoPhotography, we offer an opportunity to capture this special time with two packages to record and cherish this moment in their life. You can of course combine the two on the same session, as a lot of mums do.

You can book a session or ask for further information by calling the Studio on 01636 555251

or click on a picture below for your photo session choice...

Bump Session

Newborn Session

My 1st Birthday

My Cake Smash

Watch Me Grow

The Under Fives

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