Distinctions at Licentiate and Associate Levels

This class is for those wishing to get an Institution Distinction and so challenge themselves to produce a panel of images for assessment.

We first start by discussing and viewing what a successful panel should comprise of.

Once we have got a clear focus and what we need to produce, we start to look at the work you've already taken in the past, and using Lightroom, we compile a collection of suitable images for consideration.

As we review these, we could find a style of work which is quite suitable, but sometimes we need to bolster up the collection by going out to take new shots to show you are competent in Photography.

To complete a panel of work you need ten images for your Licentiate and 15 for your Associate with five spare ones for consideration.

These will be printed as an A4 print and mounted in a 50cm by 40cm mount ready for display as we progress through the term.

All printing and mounting can be done at the class, especially if you don't possess the equipment to produce these at home.  Help is given in doing this, together with advice and guidance on post production requirements to achieve the level and standard required for a successful submission.

Before we consider applying for an advisory date to show and have our panels assessed, we need to attend an advisory day as a guest viewer to understand what happens on the day.  

Once we have attended an advisory day, we can request a date to have your panel assessed.

Before we do, we critique your work and get an additional outside RPS members such as Peter Yeo and Ralph Bennett to come in and take a look over the panels in such a way to give you a clear understanding of how a panel is reviewed.

This helps to build your confidence in knowing that your panel submission is getting ready, and takes away some of the fear of displaying your work in such a way.

About Distinctions From The RPS Website

If you need further information about the East Midlands Region contact Stewart Wall at stewartwall@icloud.com

The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions; the order you take them in and what the initials mean. This section also includes information on other qualifications and exemptions.

The RPS offers three levels of Distinctions which set recognised standards of achievement throughout the world. Both members and non-members can apply for Distinctions (non-members will need to join The Society if they gain a Distinction). We recommend you apply for the LRPS first, unless you're an experienced photographer:

LRPS (Licentiateship of The RPS) - images of a high standard of photographic execution - demanding but achievable for most dedicated photographers. Applicants must show variety in approach and techniques but not necessarily in subject matter.

ARPS (Associateship) - images of exceptional standard and a written Statement of Intent (what you hoped to achieve). This is a significant step up from the LRPS. At this stage creative ability and personal style (what makes your work unique to you), along with complete control of the technical aspects of photography must be evident. It is at this level that you can first choose to submit your work to a particular specialist category. It is possible to apply for an ARPS without having first achieved an LRPS, but we do not recommend this unless you have considerable experience in photography.

FRPS (Fellowship) - our highest level of Distinction. Fellowship submissions are open to Associates of the Society and Fellows of the BIPP. Images must be of an outstanding photographic and creative standard and accompanied by a Statement of Intent. An obvious personal style is expected at this stage. You need to have achieved the ARPS before you can apply for the FRPS.  

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