Evening Beginners Stage 1 - GoPhotography

Evening Classes - Beginners Stage 1

Getting to grips with your camera

This Autumn Term evening classes start again this September at our new Studio at Kelham Hall and Country Park in Newark on a Wednesday Evening at 7.00pm

The term lasts 12 weeks and starts on Thursday 20th September and concludes Thursday 6th December.

The class is designed for those who have some or no knowledge of photography, or those who have a digital camera and not sure how to use the functions.

We start at the very beginning and commence with a guide to all the controls and functions on the cameras, whether it be a compact camera or a full body DSLR.

Week One and Two - 20th/27th September

First we meet and dispel all the myths about photography and clear up any jargon and buzzwords. We look at the type of camera you have and review it's capabilities, and the modes of operation and cover all the dials, buttons and menu’s. We also look at other equipment which is used in photography and what they can offer you in your photography.

Week Three - 29th September (Saturday)

Here we sacrifice a class on a Thursday evening and meet on a Saturday morning to take a photo walk.  

This helps me see how you see though your camera's  viewfinder and compose your pictures.  

We then walk further along the Trent up towards the Town Lock, and then move on and along and through the Riverside walk, stopping for Tea and Cake, given time.  

Then back via the Castle Grounds.  

A great social morning.


Week Four/Five - 4th & 11th October

These two weeks we start to see how your camera works and why we use the two main modes of operation.

Aperture Priority

Shutter Priority

By using two simple exercises, you can see how and why these modes work.

Given time we can add a simple flash exercise before we start the night photography.

Week Six - 18th October

This is the only technical week, and we start to understand how we use the camera to capture the image the best we can under all lighting conditions.

We cover ISO setting, dynamic range and show how the aperture works indirectly with shutter speed.

Half Term Break - 25th October

We then miss this week for half term

Week Seven - 5th November

Remember Remember the 5th of November, and we meet on a Monday to cover the Fireworks

Raincoats at the ready, fully charged batteries as we go in search of that great firework picture.

We use long exposure techniques and produce long exposure pictures that go WOW.

You don't have to have a posh camera for this, just a tripod and some patience.

Week Eight - 8th November

Tonight we will look at what makes a good photograph and we discuss why they appeal to the viewer. You’ll also become a judge for a night.

Week Nine - 14th November

This week we start to look at how we store and protect our pictures and look at how we can apply some post production to make our pictures POP

Week Ten - 22nd November

Light trails and multiple exposure images are whats on offer this evening, so it’s woolly hats and scarves tonight.

We head up to the A1 flyover near Cromwell and setting our tripods and cameras up, we create light trails.  We also try our hand at light painting and multiple exposures.

Great fun night....

Week Eleven - 29th November

Christmas Lights and celebrations. Yo Ho Ho

Here we often take a train ride to Lincoln to cover the festive season.

Weather dependant

Week Twelve - 6th December

So what next?

We have a review of the past term and discuss where we can go from here.

Its also mince pie evening and not forgetting the mulled wine.

So why not come and join in and learn to enjoy your photography

Places are limited, so don't miss out

call or contact us


Full term £110.00 plus £15.00 registration fee.  

We have to show none education time so we call this registration fee rather than administration, as we're private education 

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