Evening Beginners Stage 2

The new classes start back on Thursday the 11th January  at 7.00pm at the Studio on Middlegate.

Thursday 11th Jan - Recap and Lens Choice

We'll be running over what we covered last term and discus what we have learned.  

From then we'll take a look at lens choices for different types of photography, from wide angle to telephotos, and on to specialist lenses for macro and portraiture.  

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

We'll then look at extenders, multipliers and extension tubes.  

After this we'll then have a go with some of these lenses as we look at what they can offer our photography.

Thursday 18th January

Tonight we're covering taking pictures in low light conditions and how to cope with these situations, using high ISO settings and how to get optimum results in your editing

We'll look at your on camera flash facility and also at additional flash guns and how to use them  and avoid the dreaded red eye.

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Thursday 25th January

Tonight we're going too have some fun and learn how to take multiple images to make up a surreal composition.

These can be images of you or your friends, but you'll need a tripod.

This can easily be done at home and it's great to show your skills at editing.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Thursday 1st February.

What is light and how do we measure it?

What is the quality of light and how do we use it?

What is the colour of light and it's temperature, and how we do set our cameras to get the best form the picture?

What is the Golden Hour and the best time to get that special light?

Untitled photo

Almost any photographer will tell you that when it comes to photography, the most sought after time of day is what we call the golden hour – the time just after sunrise, and before sunset.

So how do we use this great time to get the most from it?

Thursday 8th February

Back to having a little fun with Long Exposures.

Tonight is called "Drive Through" and we'll have a go at capturing some really exciting images using our camera's a tripod and a car!

Untitled photo

Thursday 15th February

Tonight we're going to look at High Dynamic Range Images.  Trey Ratcliffe makes a living from travelling the World taking this style of images.

This is used to capture a full range of shadows and highlights using multiple exposures.

This is readiness for our trip to Lincoln on Thursday 8th of March.

Untitled photo

Thursday 22nd February


Half Term Break 


Thursday 8th March 

Tonight we're off to Steep Hill in Lincoln to do some night time photography and we're going to be trying out some HDR pictures.

We'll be catching the 6.15 train* and returning on the 9.40pm train*

You'll need fully charged batteries, a tripod and plenty of warm clothing.

Untitled photo

Thursday 15th March

Tonight we're looking at HDR editing software and together we'll process our Steep Hill Images ready to print out your favourite picture on the night.

Untitled photo

Friday 23rd March

Yes we're meeting on a Friday to allow us to go to the Dogs Racing Event at Nottingham.

We need to be leaving Newark at 5.30pm, so as to arrive in time for the first race scheduled at 6.20pm.

Tonight you'll learn how to pan and track a moving subject as well as a change of lighting as the light is lost to the night.  A challenging evening, but there is plenty of pie and peas on offer.

Untitled photo

Thursday 29th March

Tonight we'll review the images from the Dogs Night and discuss the last twelve weeks and where we can go from here.

Untitled photo
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