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Fine Art Implied Nude Workshop

For those who like to take beautiful fine art body forms we have a special day covering the Fine Art Nude Photography.

Shooting in both in Colour and Monochrome, we attain a high-quality level of shape and form with the simplest of lighting set-ups.

We've had quite an interest in this subject, so we'll be holding it on two separate days.

Thursday 17th March consists of two separate scenes and then a paint spatter session, followed by a complete body paint pour!

Monday 24th March consists of two separate scenes and followed by some post production to make those images pop!

Both are at Kelham Hall and Country Park, Newark, NG23 5QX

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The female body form is something to marvel and admire.  

The Fine Art Implied Nude Workshop is all about displaying form and shape in a monochromatic and beautiful way.

Using simple lighting techniques we can use the lights to display the curvature of the body in a way that compliments the model and her shape.

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The day comprises of two different settings.

The first being just rim or side lit images giving simple lines to follow invoking the imagination of the other beautiful shapes which are hidden.

The second session allow more light to cross the body to reveal just that little bit more but still leaving more for the imagination.

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Untitled photo

The final part of the day is a post production session, helping you get those clear crisp images.

Those wishing to attend will have to pay prior to the workshop and have something to post process their images on for the last session.

10.00am until 4.00pm - refreshments supplied, lunch not included £159.00

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