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Lightroom 2 day Bootcamp

Following requests for this course, we're happy to announce a two day Lightroom Bootcamp on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December 2017

This course over the two days is suitable for beginners, with no present knowledge of Lightroom, as we start from the very beginning.

Classes start at 9.30am and conclude at 4.30pm.

 I would suggest that a simple packed lunch is brought along, refreshments will be provided.

This is not to be missed as this amazing software is so good at helping both the amateur and professional get great images and catalog these in the minimum amount of time.

We also covered tethered shooting and the interface to Photoshop and 3rd party software and plugins like On-One Photo

Less computer time - more time taking pictures.

The course costs £145.00 for both days and payment is required before attending.

Call Gary on 07812 338646 to book your place.


7th March 2016:

Following on from Guy's Branston's comments in the Newark Photography Group, via Facebook, on the de-haze tool in Lightroom, here is a sample file to play with.

Please note: Adobe decided to only offer this in Lightroom CC, sorry....

Available Download Images

Step 1 of 3

Download and import the sample file, and choose File > Import Photos and videos. Once you have tried this with the Adobe sample file, you can open and try these steps with your own photo's.

Step One

Step 2 of 3

View the photo in the Develop module.

In the Develop Module, scroll to the Effects panel on the right.

Step Two

Step 3 of 3

Reduce the haze In the Effects panel, by dragging the Dehaze slider to the right to reduce or remove the haze. For a special effect, move the Dehaze slider to the left to increase existing haze in your photo.

Note: In some cases, the image saturation may increase with the strength of the filter.

Step Three

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