Pictures From Fight Night Oct 2019

Here are the images from Dean's Fight Night held at the Meres Sports Centre in Grantham on Saturday the 5th of October.

You can buy these images online and they will be posted directly to you in the size of your choice, or contact the studio on 01636 555251 for prints and digital images at a reduced rate.

There is no watermark on the purchased images

Weigh-in Pictures

Fight 1. Casey Chapman vs Molly Barnwell

Fight 2. Sam Chambley vs Sam Hyde

Fight 3. Connor Meanwell vs Tommy Crossland

Fight 4. Kane Birring vs Ben Longstaff

Fight 5. Ben Fahey vs Chace Griffin

Fight 6. Liam Gregory vs Alex Bratton

Fight 7. Loz James vs Nathan Riddle

Fight 8. Anis Karkach vs Declan Lee

Other Odd Ones

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