"The Road To Glory" Fight Night Galleries

What a fantastic night Suggy's Gym put on .... WOW

Take a look through each fight for your images.

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Elson Patrick vs Brett Healey

Jake Barton vs Dawid Blaszke

Jack Layton vs Jay Chadburn

Mateusz Duczmal vs Fraser Weightman

Chris Cooper vs Rick Dale

Andrew Liddell vs Bailey Sugden

Aidan Maxim vs Matteo de Rosa

Mo Abduraham vs Matthew Gordon

Gary Laws vs Joe Himsworth

Marcus Powell vs Ammari Diedrick

Bailey Sugden vs Adrian Maxim

Mo Abduraham vs Joe Himsworth

Vinny Church vs William Goldie-Galloway

Kev Ward vs Jamie Bates

Bailey Sugden vs Mo Abduraham

The Day in Pictures....

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