The Bump Session

This is the beginning of a new life and it begins before the birth. Some mothers feel that they don't wish to capture this time for whatever reasons, but you'll always remember that first kick or their first hiccups, so this is a really great time to record your pregnancy.  

A bump shoot is both a beautiful and great fun time, and so we capture images of your stunning bump in celebration of this time.

It also provides you with a start to the baby's photo album.  

The ideal time to be photographed is between your 32-36th week.  At this time your bump is a nice shape and size and you're not too uncomfortable.

Untitled photo

The sessions last around 30 minutes to an hour, and for those mums wanting to feel extra special and pampered, we offer an optional make-over.  We suggest that you don't wear any tight clothes before the session to ensure we don't have any excess lines to cover or hide.

Bring a small selection of clothes along, but simple loose items, but we'll supply some suitable drapes and garments to show of your bump.  Don't be scared to pose semi-nude, as we want to record your bump in all it's glory.  You can bring your own dressing gown should you wish, but we do have them here.

If you have any particular style or image you would like to be added, then bring along or email some ideas prior to the studio session.  We promote the inclusion of your partner and siblings in some of the pictures.

A week before the studio session is scheduled, we'll call you to ensure we have covered all the  ideas and options.  We'll also advise clothing to suit the series of images that we will take, to ensure both the quality and the content are achieved.

All for £49.99 or free if you pre-book your Newborn session

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