The Newborn Session

At last your new bundle of happiness has arrived, and its time to capture that moment in their life which will never be repeated again.  They soon grow and their features change as they start their new life, so it's important we record all the details in this session.

So what do we need to get ready for baby's first photo session?

The main thing we need to understand is that babies never perform to plans, so don't worry if things don't always run to schedule.  

Before you arrive for your session, we will have already taken details from you of the baby and covered some of the types of images you are looking for.  

We recommend you visit "What to expect at our Newborn Session" our dedicated page back in the Bumps and Babies section or by clicking here

The Newborn Session

On the day of the studio session, it's best if you can hold back on feed until you arrive.  

This helps get the baby full and content, and easier to settle in the poses.  If the baby does get a little unsettled, we can change the sequence of the poses around to suit the day.

This beautiful session is just £69.99 and comes with an 8" x 6 Inch print of your choice.

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