This page hosts the galleries of each boxer who had their photographs taken at the weigh-in at the Atrium in Newark on the 6th October for the Road To Glory 2 Event hosted by Suggy's Gym.

In order by christian name

Fight Special Price Offer Large £25.00, Medium £20.00 and Small £15.00

Digital Downloads from the site are £10.00 each

Adam Hadfield

Alex Bublea

Ammeri Diedrick

Bailey Sugden

Ben Woolliss

Brendan Needham

Ciaran Whitehouse

Dawid Blaszke

Dean Pattinson

Dimitru Andries

Fraser Weightman

Giannis Skordilis

Irtaza Haider

Joe Johnson

John Cairns

Jorge Rodriguez Davila

Karl Johnson

Kyle Todd

Leyton Reece Collymore

Marcel Adeyemi

Sam Omomogbe

Tariq Rashid

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